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It has been proven that including Right Brain activities into your life can bring balance to the Left Brain overuse rampant in our
linear culture, and
bring vitality, joy and a spring into your step.


Everyone is Capable of and Deserves to Creatively Express

Is there some creatively expressive art form that you just LOVE?  That you enjoy watching or possibly did at one time when younger? Or maybe you never ventured to try because you just weren’t “good” at it or did not show any inherent talent for it?  Or worse yet, you did try but someone told you to “shut up” or just plain said you were terrible at it – so please stop!

You too can Sing, Dance, Drum or Do Whatever Makes your Heart Sing

Find out about Who gets to do these Fun Activities and Why


Dr. Joy Lynn Freeman offers many opportunities, classes or events for anyone, even those with no experience, to Sing, Dance or Drum.  Come to one of Dr. Joy’s events or bring her in to spice up yours.

Find out how Dr. Joy can bring more
joy and aliveness to yourself or your group

Check out the Joy of Life Series of Participatory Musical Experiences and Workshops



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