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Joy of Life Series Overview

Booking Joy To Enliven your Conference, Event or Gathering


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1) Public sing-speak presentations/keynotes
These sing/speak presentations are both inspiring and entertaining, as the talk is integrated with original songs performed by Joy and Paul along with some audience participation.

The main topic is:
Seven Keys to Creating Vitality and Freedom at Any Age: and Have Fun Doing It!

The emphasis can be shifted from keynote/talk presentation to entertainment depending on the time allotted and needs of the group.  Titles and topics are flexible and we can work together with you to focus on the needs and interest of your group. (Church groups – This can be booked as Sunday service if desired, as well.)


2)  Drumming for fun, self confidence and group connection- 
Participants learn the basic skills of how to play the drum and create rhythms.  Then each participant experiences the joy and self confidence in being a creatively contributing member of a musically successful drum circle.    Great for companies, conferences, any kind of gathering, party or life transition ceremony.   Joy and Paul can come equipped with drums and percussion instruments enough for large groups.

This program is particularly effective for team building and creativity enhancement for small business or corporations.  Through weaving specific messages into the process of creating a quality sounding drum circle, participants experientially learn principals and values that can be directly transferred to the workplace or in unifying any group.


3)  Singalong – Songs of the Heart 
Group singing that integrates Kirtan (devotional singing/chanting) with American circle songs and other simple repeatable songs from different traditions.  This is a particularly joyful and uplifting experience. No singing skill is required only a desire to sing and express devotion or gratitude.  People report leaving these events feeling blissful, transformed and able to approach their lives from a different perspective.


4)  Improvisational Singing for Fun and Vocal Expression –
Using improvisational vocal/rhythmic structures from Bobby McFerrin and jazz singer Rhiannon, any group – singers and non singers alike, can  co-create fun and beautiful music together.  Through this fun and joyful experience participants learn how to let go of self judgment during the creative process, which then carries into life.    Also great for expanding vocal strength and abilities, personal expression and creativity.     All skill levels welcome.


5)   Get-em Movin
Add facilitated movement play to great dance music from around the world to your trainings or meetings where people feel they have been sitting way too long.  Want to wake them up?  Joy has a fun non-threatening way that can get anyone moving/dancing/playing.  This leaves participants with a clearer mind and enthusiasm which allows them to take in more information when they return to the work at hand.  This can be an added piece to a longer team building and creativity enhancement program or any other growth oriented workshop.   Great for any kind of gathering or party.


6) Ecstatic Weaves
A weaving of all three bliss inducing modalities of chant, dance and drumming.  Joy has a magic way of having people feel safe enough to stretch into areas they have previously not felt comfortable to try.  Makes a beautiful evening gathering.  


7) Personal Empowerment Workshops or Professional Trainings for Business and Association meetings
Longer half day to 2 day experiences integrating voice, movement and rhythm to balance Left & Right brain, clear the channels, answer important life questions, or inspire on the job creativity and team co-operation.


Talk and Workshop Formats

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