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Transform Your Inner Critic

Transforming your Inner Critic 

Move from Sabotage to Freedom to Live the Life you Dream.

Come Home to You!
Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

With all the visioning and positive affirming you do, do you wonder why your dreams aren’t manifesting, your health is compromised and your mind relentlessly drives you to do more?

Gain direct experience of what is keeping you from freely moving forward and being the success, passion and health, you know in your heart, is rightfully yours to enjoy.
Walk away with practical tools that actually support and empower you to live the life you dream as you:

Explore the root causes of dis-empowering beliefs & patterns. 

  • Discover what sabotages you and how to circumvent it.
  • Enbrace your emotions and the power they possess
  • Understand your inner critic/protectors/managers to
        ultimately be freeof their limiting influence
  • Cultivate your Integrated Healthy Self that nurtures and loves you to experience
    fully present in your body.
  • Claim the riches hidden away in your subconscious  (the gateway to your soul and re-source).



Dr. Joy Lynn Freeman has been a pioneer in the healing arts for over thirty years as a chiropractic natural physician, therapist and life transition coach. She has lectured and facilitated workshops and retreats nationwide and is a frequent guest on popular radio shows.

Joy is the author of Express Yourself: Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and The Courage To Let It Out.

Joy facilitates workshops with a warmth, zest and passion that spreads to all whom she contacts. She is also able to create an accepting and safe space that helps others to find their buried emotions and truths.  Her unique work and heartful presence assists others in finding the courage to express their authentic and creative selves, speak their truths and follow their callings.