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Singing Your Soul

Singing Your Soul Workshop

Open Your Voice to Open Your Life
A workshop on claiming your voice and opening your throat center – not only for singing with more ease and joy but for empowering your voice in life.  It will help you to heal your inhibitions about expressing yourself and release you from self-criticism.  Free expression of your truth will create a magnetism that brings in amazing things, while setting free your unique gifts.

Through singing, a series of guided voice play exercises, and special healing processes, you will access your natural personal power and creative expression.   If you love to sing but don’t, or think you can’t, or if you know you can sing but want to stretch your creative edge, then this is the place to learn something new. Also if you want to express your truth and unique self, plus unleash more creativity in your life – then this workshop is for you!

Release Your True Self,
Claim Your Voice and Ignite your Soul’s passion!

These fun and playful gatherings of song and sound can change your life  

 What you will gain:

  • Experience how opening your throat center opens your power and creativity.
  • Heal self judgment and childhood wounds about your voice and your right to express yourself
  • Let go of emotional blocks
  • Learn what self expression is
  • Enjoy the sound of your own voice
  • Discover your soul’s mission through your voice

What you will do:

  • Co-create music and song with others – improv exercises, chanting, circlesongs, and fun musical jams
  • Learn how to create interlocking melodies, rhythms, and harmonies
  • Creative song writing that unlocks soul expression
  • Voice Work – specialized nonlinear processes to heal and release blockages in the psyche and throat center
  • Unique vocal methods designed to release the fifth chakra

 All done in a Uniquely Safe Environment that opens you to create new avenues of personal self expression

“For many the process of becoming an adult is a process of being increasingly silenced. Singing gently uncovers this block and returns impulse and instinct to the person and to the world.”

Paul Newham: Founder of Voice Movement Therapy


Singing from the Heart…
is a natural part of most indigenous cultures and is seriously lacking in ours. They understood the value singing for joy and community ritual. We have mistakenly come to believe that only the “talented few” have the right to sing. Absolutely the FARTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH!  If the desire to sing is there, you will also find the capacity. Learn to co-create music and song with others.  No matter what you consider your singing ability, novice or expert, you can experience the soulful and opening effects of letting your voices ring out.


Joy Lynn Freeman, D.C., Ph.D. (cand.)

Joy offers many insights, tools and creative, fun ways of singing that have successfully transformed her from a “non singer” to a performing singer and opened her creativity on many levels.  She now performs her own songs when she lectures and on radio interviews.  Her unique process of voice opening has also led to her publishing a book and producing a CD.  Joy has a gift for creating an extremely safe and nurturing environment for people to step forward and express themselves.

In addition to expressing her creativity as a singer, dancer and drummer,  Joy  has been a pioneer in the healing arts for over 25 years, as a physician, speaker-facilitator, expressive arts therapist, and life transition coach. She has lectured and offered workshops and retreats nationwide and has been a frequent guest on radio shows. Joy is the author of the book Express Yourself: Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and The Courage To Let It Out, a companion music CD Let It Shine, and a series of five yoga videos. She is also the co-creator of Quantum Shift Retreats—transformational retreats incorporating expressive arts, therapeutic process, ritual & nature.

Joy is available for keynotes speeches on Reclaiming Your Voice, Creativity and Connection to Soul.  She also has a private practice in coaching, counseling and voice work.  Click here to find out more about Joy’s work


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