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7 Keys to a Free & Vital Life Workshop


7 keys to Living an Authentic, Creative
and Soul Inspired Life Workshop.

Ask yourself:  Is it time to shift gears –  or make a new game plan for life? Walk away from something or go for something new.  Are you feeling the urge to find what has meaning and purpose for you or is it simply time to stop, go to ground zero and open the door to something different than the every day grind?

Experience the healing and balancing power of voice, movement, music and creative Expression.

This workshop will not only be fun but will help you answer those burning life questions…. Or just clear your mind and bring joy to your heart.

Find Balance, Clarity and Direction through Creative Play 

This workshop uses Creative Play and is structured around the 7 Keys, as introduced in Joy’s talks and in her new book due to come out soon:
7 Keys to Creating Vitality and Freedom at Any Age: and Have Fun Doing It!


Key 1)  Hearing the Inner Essential Being’s Voice – emotions, intuitions, and subtle senses.
 Knowing and Honoring you Inner Being

Knowing what you truly want and what is right for you starts with being able to feel, honor and express emotions in a safe and healthy way.  Many mandates of what we should and should not be or feel has shut down our inner lines of communication.


Key 2)   Transformation of the Inner Critic
  Transforming Judgment to Discernment; ultimately to Compassion
& Acceptance

Letting go of judgment and blame—both internally and towards others, life or situations.  Learning to develop the witness aspect of the Essential Self for the ability to transform and evolve the critic.


Key 3)   Learning to Actively Love Ourselves
  From Critic to Loving Presence    From Judgment to Compassion
& Acceptance

By integrating many tools and active practices we can make “loving ourselves”  more than a nice idea.  Learn the art of connection that has been lost in our culture.


Key 4)  Learning the Fine Art of Surrender:
 Being in the Unknown and Letting Go of Control

Embracing the feminine within — Learning to let go of control and be in the moment, which means becoming comfortable with and trusting the unknown


Key 5)  Right Brain Integration
 What the Nature Based Cultures Know

 Our culture is overly linier, which wears on the body and psyche. Right brain activities including nature and creative expression balances, soothes and eases the journey.  Natural cultures have integrated this for centuries.


Key 6)  Practices – Committing to physically or emotionally Healthy Routines              Regarding the Body, Mind, Psyche, or Behavior  

It is the commitment to Practices, of the persons choosing (and they can change over time), that truly sets the ground for deep transformative change. A practice can be regarding the body, the mind, the psyche, or behavior.


Key 7) Taking Risks
   End Result – Developing a Foundation of Strength from Relationship of
Trust with Self

Previous steps build a foundation of trust with Self,  which creates strength and courage to take the risks necessary to step forth in new ways.  It may be speaking a truth, risking new creative endeavors, or going for new livelihood that creatively expresses who you are.


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