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The Freedom Project

Express your Soul’s Voice: The Freedom Project

  • Free to Express Creatively
  • Free to Speak your Truth
  • Free to Attempt something New
  • Free from Doubt and Fear
  • Free from Self Judgment and Inhibition
  • Free to Take Risks
  • Free to Dance, Sing,  create Music or Art
  • Free to Have Fun and Fly!

3 months of once a week gatherings focusing on the new you and working with the resistances that present themselves along the way.  During this time we will meet each Sunday afternoon where we will both dive deep and play fully.  In between each weekly session, participants will have a private session with Joy and be given specific “Medicine Tasks” designed to further their particular path.   Each participant is guaranteed at least one long awaited freedom breakthrough in their personal areas of choice.

The fee:

A love offering based on each individual’s ability to pay

Please write to Joy about scheduling one in your area.


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