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Women’s Workshop

Passion Power and Purpose

For Women Who Want to Claim Their Voice
& Step Into Their Power

It is time for you to claim your authority,
express who you are without censure
and give your unique gifts to the world.

It is also time to reclaim our inherent creative and soul-centered nature through dance, song, rhythm, sacred ritual, and deep connecting with nature.  Getting together in the mystery ways has been a source of empowerment throughout the ages. Come join us, to bring the past and future alive in the present for a weekend you will not forget.

Learn to Live a Life of Soul

This workshop enables you to tap into your reservoir of creativity and wisdom which gives you the strength to overcome your fears to expressing your full voice in the world. You will gain both practical information and inspiration for how to break out of the “shoulds” of everyday living. Learning to connect with your deeper nature – your soul, knowing it’s truth and being able to express it, moves you closer to your authentic self and living a life of soul—where life expresses who you are, including giving your natural gifts to the world.  Living more authentically and creatively allows for better relationships, right livelihood and more joy.

Break Through Fear to Live Your Life’s Purpose

Do you feel you have a mission that goes beyond doing a job that has no meaning for you or taking care of everyone else? Then it is time for you to summon the courage to speak up, step out, and do what you are here to do. Yes, the time has come to experience your own beauty, claim your authority, express who you are without censure, and give your unique gifts to the world. Learning to express yourself fully in your personal life and in the outer world is an important key to vitality, fulfillment and passionate living.

Experience the Joy, Healing and Empowermentthat comes with Creative Expression.

In a safe environment, where no previous experience is necessary, we engage in a number of creative mediums, including using movement, song, writing, art, heart sharing and other forms of creative play. The natural ability for expressing artistically and creatively exists in every one. Creative expression teaches you how to surrender to the moment and let go of judgment, two very important factors for most all else that you do. Expressing creatively not only gives you the courage and strength to express more fully, it also magically unleashes your passion, vitality and enthusiasm for life.

Opening to the creative in yourself is not only fulfilling, it heals your psyche, feeds your soul, and transforms all else that you do. As one expert in the field said “it creates a container for what is buried in our psyche and helps us make sense of our world.” Through the creative process you are able to access deeper awareness and make choices to move forward in life in a more self loving, creative and empowered way. Participants will come away with a clearer sense of purpose as well as with insights and tools to move forward in life with more creativity, passion, and power.

The Power of Sound and Your Own Voice

Music and sound, especially the vibration of our own voice are powerful mediums not only to heal our bodies but also to open the ability to express ourselves and set free our unique gifts.  The fifth energy center located in the throat area governs our ability to express on all levels and is directly connected to the third center, our seat of personal power.

In addition, the throat is the catch point between the head and heart. When our deeper feelings from below are conflicted with ideas of the mind they become lodged and frozen at the throat. Hence our expression and communication in all areas of life can become blocked.  Through voicing in various non-verbal ways, we begin to unlock these gates to our true self expression.

With the synergistic ancient power of connecting with other women

you will learn to:

  • Validate your unique contribution to life and others
  • “Shake loose” from past emotional and/or conceptual blocks
  • Get in touch with and express your authentic self
  • Tap into your own source of power, passion and creativity
  • Feel a deeper connection with your soul, others and life
  • Communicate in ways that enhance understanding and build connection
  • Experience healing, transformation and integration of mind, body and spirit
  • Let nature surround, fill and regenerate you
  • Renew the spirit of play in your life.

As you connect more deeply with your soul’s essence, you create the optimal environment to heal, rejuvenate
and empower your body, mind and spirit. By suspending judgment and fear based thoughts, opening the heart,
connecting with the power source of nature or other women, and expressing your truth and creativity, you are restored to your natural state of physical and emotional health. You are also empowered to express more of who you truly are. You experience this reawakening through creative expression, music, body movement & dance, various forms of meditations, psycho-spiritual teachings, healthy diet and connection with nature. You will take home many tools and practices that will allow healing and positive transformation to continue long after the weekend is over.


What past workshop participants have to say

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