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Talks and Workshop Formats



¤ Talk/Sing Presentation                 ¤ One to Four Songs
¤ Half Day Workshops                     ¤ Day Long or Weekend Workshops
¤ Residential Retreats


Talk/Sing Presentation

Joy uses song to help deliver her message of how to live more creatively and joyfully. She shows audiences how to let go of self-judgement and let their truth and creative selves out by walking her talk. She has gone from a person who couldn’t and wouldn’t sing to someone who can, and will even sing her own soul revealing songs in front of an audience. Her words and songs deeply inspire the audience to find their own souls expression and let it out.

Time: can be 45mins to 2 hours
Great for Keynotes, Association meetings, Bookstores, Service clubs, or Church evening performance


One to Four Songs

Joy’s songs have the ability to touch souls and opens hearts as well as inspire.
A few songs are perfect for integrating into a church service before a workshop or other pre-workshop performances


Evening or Half Day Workshops

Experiential workshops where participants become inspired to live a more soulful and creative life. With fun and creative exercises they learn how to surrender to the moment and let go of judgment. Through the creative process and heart council they access deeper awareness and the ability to move forward in a more authentic and empowered way. The focus will vary depending on which topic is chosen.
Time: 3 to 5 hours.


Day Long or Weekend Workshops

An extended version of the evening or half day workshops where we move deeper into specific issues, cover more topics and learn more practices. Participants come home with many tools for daily life and a deeper commitment to creating a life of soul.

What participants have to say

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