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Let It Shine – CD

Let It Shine! CD

With lyrics that touch the heart, move your soul,
and inspire a new way of living, Let It Shine,  contemporary music – smooth jazz, R&B, gospel & world beat – with a positive message.  Vocals are by a number of soulful and powerful singers including Fulton Tashombe and Kelley Covington.  Lyrics are by  Joy Lynn Freeman and support themes that are addressed in the book Express Yourself.
Musical arrangement and composition by Fulton Tashombe

Fulton Tashombe has been a professional musician for over 20 years for Motown and independently as a pianist, vocalist, composer, conductor and arranger. He currently has his own album on Mo-Jazz, Motown’s jazz label.  He has also performed with such famed recording artists as The Whispers, The O’Jays, Johnnie Guitar Watson, Emile Richards and others. He has worked with or had his musical expertise incorporated on numerous recordings, including those of Natalie Cole, MC Hammer, Quincy Jones, Felton Pilot, and many others. Fulton works with a wide range of musical forms including jazz, soul, R&B, gospel, pop, and reggae, as well as original material.


Various Artists: Let It Shine

Vocals Artists
Fulton Tashombe, Kelly Covington, Veronica Ball, Joy Lynn Freeman,
Saphyre, Tomas Hughs,  Gabriel Tashombe

Keyboards: Fulton Tashombe
Saxaphone: John Zangrando, Rock Hendricks, Jose Hernandez
Bass: Lenny Castellanos
Percussion & Drums: Thomas Hughs, Daniel Gonsalves, Paul Marchetti
Guitar: Joe Cano, Greg Crockett

Joy Lynn Freeman