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Now I Can Sing – New Book

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Now I Can Sing

Finding the Courage to Be & Do What Makes your Heart Sing

It has been shown by the popularity of American Idol that many people have a passion for singing.  (30 million viewers).  It is also demonstrated by the popularity of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way that people not only want to find their creative selves but are willing to do the personal growth work involved in freeing it.  This book uses Joy’s personal stories of risk taking, her discovery of the 4 Keys to Freeing Your Soul’s Voice and the practical tools used to demonstrate how she accomplished unlikely things – including being able to sing.

In response to the economic crisis and it’s numerous layoffs more and more people are taking leaps of faith to go for independent ventures.  Even though they are spurred on by fear, to really be able to take the risks involved, takes courage.   Joy tells her story of an unconventional life including the miracles and expansions that came from what she learned along the way.

This book is for two general groups of people; One: those of you who want to leave the structured lives you are living; or have been laid off and no longer want to be subject to someone else’s rule – but can’t quite find the courage to do so.  Two: those of you who are deeply drawn to singing, love it, but think you can’t sing or just don’t.

This book is about adventuring to gain the courage to creatively express; be it any right brain activity or art form like singing, to jumping off the cliff to do one’s own business.  Joy has many examples of inspiring risks taken and how people can find the courage to take those risk’s themselves.   She speaks about one’s contact with soul, how to access that and then the process of bringing that forth into the world.

The back drop is Joy’s deeply inspired vision and desire to sing.  She was one of the many who loved to sing but was not born with the natural abilities, including singing off pitch and not remembering even two lines of melody.   Countless lessons and a lot of money spent later she almost gave up.  Then miracles and what she calls  “spirit downloads”,  began to happen.   She is now a performing singer.  She states, “To me, this is such a miracle – I feel like someone who could not walk, but now can run.”

In the midst of what it took to open up her singing voice many other areas of creative expression began to open as well – including writing a book and becoming willing to be a speaker and workshop presenter, for which she always carried a terrible fear. Her story is organized around the 4 Keys to Freeing Your Soul’s Voice.

Through Joy’s personal adventures of risk, and her psycho-spiritual journey to becoming less self-conscious about being seen and heard or making mistakes, she inspires others to grow more courageous in letting their voices be heard – be it singing or whatever makes their heart’s sing.

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