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What other authors are saying…

  • A valuable guide to becoming a more loving and creative person. It offers simple, yet dynamic exercises to help overcome blocks to achieving your highest potential.”
  • – John Gray,
    author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
    and What You Can Feel You can Heal

  • A valuable contribution and a pleasure to read. Use it, enjoy it!”
  • Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks,
    authors of Conscious Loving and Ten Second Miracle

  • Express Yourself takes you by the hand and heart and leads you through the darkness of past wounds and limiting beliefs into the loving light of understanding. If its contents were known by everyone the world would be a better place in which to live. I highly recommend it.”
    – Leonard Laskow, M.D.,
    author of Healing With Love
  • Most of us having been taught that self criticism is virtue, think that which is most negative to be most true- that is a lie. Joy Freeman knows that what is most true is experience rather than some judgment about experience. Her book is about getting beyond judgment and contacting experience. Joy is the willingness to face feelings and become a creator.”– Brad Blanton,
    author of Radical Honesty and Radical Parenting
  • A rich, informative, and inspiring road map to inner joy and a life of celebration. Joy Lynn Freeman shares her heart and wisdom in a way that will uplift you and change your life if you put these great ideas into practice.”
  • – Alan Cohen,
    author of Dare To Be Yourself and
    The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

  • In her book Express Yourself, Joy Freeman provides a valuable guide for cultivating creativity and expressing wholeness. I highly recommend this work to those who are seeking the fulfillment of their soul’s deeper purpose and are following the prompting of spirit in their daily lives.”
  • – Carolyn Anderson,
    co-founder of Global Family
    and co-author of The Rings of Empowerment

  • A marvelous book that puts new and expanded meaning into words like discovery, fulfillment and empowerment. The discovery of inner truth and the ability to let it out are vital to fulfillment and this book will help you find them.”
  • – Richard Fuller,
    columnist, J Metaphysical Reviews”

  • A unique and excellent book in which Joy Freeman courageously expresses herself from deep within her own truth. She joins the reader creatively and passionately in their path towards self discovery and self expression. I found the exercises, personal examples and other tools she used to be particularly valuable. She makes the ” path of truth” an exciting adventure.”
  • – Irv Katz, Ph.D.,
    President of International University of Professional Studies

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