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Workshops for Healing, Empowerment and Creativity

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Creative Team Building: Inspiring a more creative and impassioned team

Experiential workshops where participants become inspired to live and work in a more soulful and creative way. With fun and creative exercises they learn how to surrender to the moment and let go of judgment, two very important factors in bringing forth one’s self motivation and highest creative potential. Through lecture and interactive process integrating drumming, movement, voice and art participants access deeper awareness’s that spark the ability to live and work in a more inspired, co-creative, authentic and empowered way. The specific focus can vary depending on the needs of the organization.

Singing Your Soul: Open Your Voice to Open Your Life

The vibration of our voice is a powerful medium to open the ability to express ourselves and set free our unique gifts. Inspiration and enthusiasm are ignited when ‘who you truly are’ is allowed to shine through. Singing, sounding and expressing are natural keys to our creativity and power.

Transforming your Inner Critic

This workshop focuses on the inner critic, protectors, inner managers and even dictators (if the case may be true for you).  Learn  how to directly work with these out of balance parts of yourself to become free of their rule. Gain knowledge, insight and have direct experience of what it is that keeps you from freely moving forward and experiencing the success, passion and health you know in your heart is rightfully yours to enjoy. Walk away with practical tools that can actually support and empower you to live the life you dream.

7 keys to Living an Authentic, Creative and Soul Inspired Life

This workshop uses voice, movement, music and creative expression along with transformational process and lecture to empower the gifts, talents and essence of who you truly are.   We explore the 7 essential keys to vital and inspired living. Are you feeling the urge to find what has meaning and purpose for you?   Do find it hard to express yourself fully with others or in what you do in the world.  Are you ready to open the door to something different than the every day grind, even in the midst of routine?  This workshop will not only be fun but will help release the blocks to unleashing your creative and expressive self and ultimately giving your best gifts to the world. Might even help you answer some of those burning life questions!

Finding Your Passion, Power and Purpose

For Women Who Want to Claim Their Voice & Step Into Their Power

The time has come for women to claim their authority, express who they are without censure, and give their unique gifts to the world.  This woman’s group will give you the tools, awareness and experiences that will open a special door within your soul, that will make it impossible to remain silenced anymore. Gain the strength to face and overcome your fears, speak your truth, and express your unique gifts.    Experience   Voice, Sound & Movement in Healing

The Freedom Project

An on going series of monthly meetings, both in group and individually with Joy that is designed to delve deeper into the issues that stand in ones way,  uncover old yet now irrelevant patterns of behavior, and move through limiting beliefs and attitudes.  From this we springboard into an exponentially higher, broader and more expanded viewpoint of life, thus opening the door for a whole new experience of what it is to be fully and creatively you.

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Joy Lynn Freeman D.C. Ph.D.c


As a physician, vocal expression therapist and life transition coach, Joy Freeman has offered workshops and retreats nationwide and has been a frequent guest on radio shows nationwide. She is the Author of Express Yourself:  Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and the Courage to Let It Out, 2 music CDs and 5 body/mind DVDs. Joy facilitates workshops with a warmth, zest and passion that spreads to all whom she contacts. She is also able to create an accepting and safe space that helps others to find their buried emotions and truths.  Her unique work and heartful presence assists others in finding the courage to express their authentic and creative selves, speak their truths and follow their callings.