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Testimonials: Workshops & Training

What participants say about
workshops, classes and Retreats with Joy!

Although I felt the day spent in the workshop was beneficial, I wasn’t prepared for the power of what occurred…..  the next day during a deep mediation I invoked the power of the Divine Holy Spirit to remove this block from my heart.  I went into a state of being placed in my history 25 years ago when my 2 ½ year old daughter had died…… The unexpressed emotion and words of that pain has sabotaged my health and life all these years.  I have now spoken the words I couldn’t bear to speak then and couldn’t even find. My heartfelt gratitude to you for your service to the healing of this world.  Blessings,”

-Page F., Mother

You did a superb job making a safe place and I especially appreciated how you honored and created a space for the critic when it came up in one of the participants. Your unconditional, non judgmental willingness to confront the issue with love was such a wonderful modeling for us all.   BRAVO!!!!!

I have recommended the workshop to two friends and will continue to do so as opportunities come up. I will attend for the thrill of the risk feelings! Thank You!”

-Ann Kingsbury

“I want to express my gratitude for your playful energy, creativity, flexibility and support during your workshop.  I felt welcomed and encouraged by you and all the women. I am glad I came despite my old impulse and desire to retreat and feel my pain alone.  While dancing and walking to the music my shoulder pain stopped!  I now have trust and faith and I am healing physically and emotionally.

It is one week later and I feel hopeful because the pain has turned into subtle instead of intense and I am regaining my range of motion in my shoulder.  Joy, you as a facilitator, provided me with the experiences, nurturing environment, and women to open up my soul to self transformation and empowerment.

With great appreciation in you sharing your passions,

-Sandy Cordova

“I was amazed that a group together can do so much healing and supporting of each other….. I was fascinated by your strength and abilities as a facilitator – the workshop was full – well coordinated. The exercises we did were rich and full…!”

“Thank you Joy – this was as incredible as my Vision Quest – albeit in a different way….  and it was such a safe supportive space to break through old “stuff” and be fully present to the creative power within and without.”

-anonymous evals

“I Love you, Joy!!!

You are an angel with many many gifts and talents, a crusader and a healer and I admire your efforts, your success.  Your workshop opened me up in ways and areas I am not yet aware of.  Thank you for you.  And for being such a beautiful reflection of who I am becoming…..The whole weekend was one of the most beautiful moments in my life.  I am so very grateful to have been blessed with the whole experience.


“The workshop was a powerful experience for both Patti and I. I’m not sure I could have ever found the kind of release that I found in the workshop, anywhere else.  The weekend was beyond our expectations.  We still find ourselves processing things and discussing points and elements of the workshop.   You facilitated the workshop in such special ways.  It is obvious that the success of the workshop is the result of the hard work you have done with yourself and is the expression of your own inner and outer beauty and love. ”
-Dennis and Patti

“This retreat has been the most transformational work I’ve ever done (and I’ve done lots of great stuff!) Somehow I’ve shifted at such a basic, fundamental level that my entire being has forever altered and opened up to love and life like never before.”
-E.S.M., Assistant Project Director

“The treasures gathered, the tools learned, the blessings are now a part of who I am. I feel so gifted and blessed with miracles and tools to continue my journey of self-discovery of my true essence – love.”
– D.L., Grandmother

“My colleagues at the clinic used to say I came across arrogant and haughty. Now they say I’m softer, open, and more approachable.
– E.A.W., physician

“I used to live a monochromatic life.  Now people at work have noticed I’m so different…. I even talk to people I never could talk to before”
-W.K., office assistant

“I’m much more relaxed.  A friend said, ‘ I’ve never seen you so calm, focused, and energized’.  My wife has been shocked that so much could happen in such a short time. I’ve been utilizing the gifts of the workshop on the job.
– R.G., hospital president

“I was a successful workaholic. For the past 10 years I’ve worked 7 days a week, 12-15 hours a day.  Now I take time off play with my kids, I’ve regained a relationship with my wife, and even cried for the first time in 20 years!”
–  D.G., CEO, international semiconductor firm

“The retreat was the number one best thing I have ever given myself! I discovered that healing and growing can be fun and loving.”
-E.G., Author

“I practically can’t think of one friend or relative who wouldn’t benefit from a retreat with Joy. The workshop was magnificent. I really had no idea that a retreat  like this happens”
-J.J., Food Service Manager

“The most powerful, intense, love-filled, action-packed, calming experience ever. There is nothing more freeing, more joyful, more beautiful than the self-love I’ve gained – it completely impacts every aspect of my life.”
– D N., Chiropractor

“Somehow I’ve shifted at such a basic, Fundamental level that my entire being has forever altered and opened up to love and life like never before.”
-K.L., Consultant

“This retreat has been the single most valuable, powerful, and transformational work I have ever been exposed to in my whole life. It was truly an experience I won’t forget.  I met a new me.
– J.G.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. The weekend workshop was an incredible shift for me– my consciousness. I truly am awakening after two years of deep slumber and struggle. Keep up the good work.”
-S.C., Project Manager

I and others love being in her classes! She presents her material with enthusiasm and humor… a great motivator for more expanded and creative living. As an instructor she is informative, inspiring and fun!”
-Rev. N.A.

“At your seminar the students were held spellbound… Thank you for creating this program.”
– Dr. P.G., Life Chiropractic College

This course has heightened my awareness of my own personality and character which has in turn brought me closer to a purer understanding of myself and my place and purpose in this world
-Scott L., Student

It is hard to express in words what I learned in this class with Joy. I can say this class has changed my life. I can now honor my truth and live in the realness of life. I have moved towards self acceptance, inner peace and honoring my deepest truth more in 2 ½ months then I have in my whole life.
-Linley B., Student

Never before have I been a part of such a group – sharing conversations of such personal depth and meaning. I feel that this course has definitely enhanced my ability to communicate more effectively and passionately.  Our explorations of self and each other was grounded with healthy exercises of expression, meditations, and prayers.  I could not have expected more from this class.
-Jeffrey D., Student

I learned so many things about myself…  And I learned how powerful creative express is in my transformational process and how after doing it, I feel so much more open, free and strong.
-Laragh K., Student

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