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The Right Brain Path

The Right Brain Path:

Creative Expression Greases the Wheel at any Stage of the Journey

Magic Potion –

Integrating Dance, Song, Music or other Right Brain Activities

While on “The Path” to Self Growth and Healing

Each person has the ability to do one or more of these creatively expressive activities, when the goal is not performing.   Processing through an expressive art, which Joy calls a “Right Brain Activity”, allows for the capacity to access thoughts, feelings, memories and awareness’ that would otherwise be blocked by the minds “defense systems”.  Deeper truths easily rise to the surface, the heart opens, and shifts occur that often words alone could never access.  Oftentimes the transformation occurs without any linier understanding what so ever.    Significant Shifts just simply occur through opening other areas of the brain that are triggered by participating in a creative or “doing it for the joy of it” activity.   Often times the shift magically takes the form of opened creativity, enhanced joyfulness or a willingness to take risks or think outside of the box.

To experience this for yourself, make a point to seek out these types of classes and activities in your area, or check out Joy’s unique forms of private sessions, come to or set up a workshop in your area, or have your organization book a participatory event with Joy from the Joy of Life Series, or order Joy’s new Book Now I Can Sing.”

You can also check out the calendar for classes and events in the Palm Beach Florida area.

All of Joy’s work be it private sessions, workshops, or participatory events in some way integrates one of the expressive arts, most commonly voice, movement, drumming, writing and occasionally visual art, theater or other forms.

Private work with Joy ¤ Joy of Life Series ¤ Workshops and Professional Trainings


Play Your Part in

“The Great Turning…”…returning our culture to a more balanced, healthy and natural state.

One-by-one, as each individual shifts their life from business-as-usual—regimented, controlled, repetitive or chosen by values of others—to self-governed, creative and a pure expression of soul essence, mass consciousness on-the-whole, will shift. To do the work involved in such a transformation not only brings more joy and aliveness to one’s own life but paves the way for many others. So if greatly improving your own life circumstances, health or state of mind is not motivation enough, now do it for your children, their children, and the planet in general. The changes you make WILL affect those around you, as well as those who come after you.

This explains why the old adage “be the change you seek” is so very powerful. As Einstein said, “Solutions to our problems cannot come from the same mind that created them.”

The work with Joy, private or in group, will help you permanently shift the mind that will create your future.

Finding Peace, Joy and Direction during Life Transitions

Yes, these can be challenging times where stress, fear or confusion about what to do next can undermine even our best efforts to stay at peace about it all.  In the midst of the confusion there is a way to proceed that is most accurate and authentic for each of us.  All of the turmoil or change is just life’s attempt to have the old fall apart so that it can all come together in a new and better way. What is truly new and creative is born out of the empty space.  But how do we let It fall apart without falling apart ourselves?   And how do we find our way in all of these huge and unsettling changes?

Let Joy’s unique way of working smooth the way…


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