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Joy Lynn Freeman, D.C., Ph.D. (cand.), has been a pioneer in the healing arts for over thirty years as a natural physician, speaker-workshop facilitator, life coach and counselor, and sing- dance-drum expressive arts facilitator.  She has been a featured speaker, offered workshops and retreats nationwide and a frequent guest on radio shows.  Joy is the author of the Book Express Yourself: Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and The Courage To Let It Out, two music CDs: Let It Shine and Soul Calling and a series of five yoga videos: Back-care-cise.  She was also the cofounder of Quantum Shift Retreats – transformational retreats and workshops incorporating expressive arts, ritual & nature.

Joy facilitates workshops and joyful participatory experiences with a warmth, zest and passion that spreads to all whom she contacts. She is also expert at helping people find their buried emotions and truths.  Her unique work and heartful presence assists others in finding the strength and courage to express their authentic essence, creative selves, speak their truths and follow their callings.

Dr. Joys Unique Background

Joy Lynn Freeman D.C., Ph.D. (cand.),  knows the concept of “body/mind in the most thorough way – from both sides of the equation.    Prior to her entry into the field of psycho-emotional healing, Dr. Joy had been a practicing natural physician, as a holistic chiropractor.   After many years of additional study and in-depth immersion into the world of deeper causal factors of suffering – physically, emotionally and spiritually,  Joy now specializes in somatic and expressive arts oriented psycho-emotional therapies.  Her post graduate work is focused on the Voice and Creative Expression as medium for Transformation.   She expresses her creative self as a dancer, singer and drummer.

Joy Lynn Freeman is available for keynote singing/speaking “info-tainment”, fun participatory experiences to add to other’s events,  as well as seminar/workshops for business, association meetings, or local groups.

Dr. Joy is also available to travel to your area to put on workshops or participatory events.  Click on the links below to see options available.   She is planning a US tour within the next year so let her know if you are interested in having her come to your area.

Private Work * Participatory EventsWorkshops

Author Quote:
“My intention with the participatory Sing Dance Drum experiences, workshops, books, and other aspects of my work is to help others shake loose,  free up out of the dream state of the culture, open their hearts, shift their perspective and ultimately make the changes necessary to lead passionate, expressive and fulfilling lives.  And if nothing else, have some fun.”

Mission Statement for Groups

To blend the life affirming, balancing, and

health promoting secrets of natural cultures that have

survived the ages, with our linier, overly left brain modern

life style. To do this by offering  opportunities to experience the joy

of community singing, dancing, drumming or other creatively expressive

activities, to those who would not have access to such forms of co-creative play.

Mission Statement for individuals

To assist others in finding balance in an out of balance world;

to open them up to their creative mind and their own soul;

to teach them how to release self judgment and learn

to love and accept all aspects of themselves;

to be able to access and express their

truth, creativity, and authenticity.

Please call or email Dr. Joy if you have any questions or thoughts to share!

Email:  Joy (at) SingDanceDrum (dot) com,
or Call at 727-242-1311, or fill in the email form below

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