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Who gets to Sing, Dance & Drum?

 Everyone is Capable of and Deserves to Creatively Express!

 What the indigenous know

Did you know that for centuries and even now, in all indigenous nature based cultures everybody participates in some community art form, be it dancing, singing, drumming, or hand created art?  It’s not separated into performers and spectators, as we do, where only those deemed “good” get to do it and all else watch.   These art forms are for everyone not just the select talented few.  They understand how it balances the challenges of daily living, opens the mind to creative problem solving, fosters connections within the community and additionally, brings health to the body and aliveness to the soul.

What if we shift off the old idea ?
Yes, it’s time to take on a new paradigm – creative expression is for every one, whether you call yourself creative or not.

Sound like a panacea?  Author, speaker and workshop facilitator, Joy Lynn Freeman, believes it is.  She attributes much of her health, vitality and youthful spirit to this one addition in her life. She started dancing at 18 and after dropping it 4 years later, came back to it again much later in life.  She also started singing and drumming after 40!      Joy claims to have seen the expressive arts work miracles in her own life and in those of her clients and many others.

Are you New on the Personal Growth Path or Old Trooper at a Plateau?

Creative Expression Greases the Wheel at any Stage of the Journey

Are  you on a path of personal growth and exploration ?   If so, have you just recently started?  Or have you been forging ahead on it for quite some time and hit a plateau… where some things feel better but in other areas you are cycling through the same key issues again and again?

Either way, integrating some form of expressive arts can shift all that.  When bringing in an expressive art form at the early stages, it can make the process faster, more efficient and a lot more fun.   As many of you know the path of life and growth can be full of challenges, but the arts make it easier and lighter and smoothes your way.  Studies have shown that much gets processed through creative expression without even approaching an issue directly.

On the other end of the spectrum, as you progress on the path and get healthier emotionally (and usually physically along with it), the desire to creatively express naturally begins to surface.   At that point it serves as a freeing and joyful expression of a happier more balanced life.

Integrating the expressive arts at any stage is a powerful and healing addition.  It is the Magic Potion….             

Find out about the benefits of Integrating Dance, Song, Music or other Right Brain Activities while on the “The Path” to Self Growth and Healing