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The Joy, Healing and Youngering Power of Participatory Music 
From Natural Awakening July 2011 issue

Moving from Spectator to Particpator can add quality to your life, regardless of skill level.  Find out how.

6 Keys to a Free and Vital Life

Joy has distilled a life focus on transformation and personal growth down to 6 elemental keys. Embark on any one of these keys to see much in your life open up.  Then explore any of the others and experience the magic that can occur. 

What, Why and How Drumming is a Miracle Transformer 
Excerpted from The Healing Power of the Drum by Robert Friedman

Learn about who drumming has and can help, why it does and how it works.

Voice and Movement as a Healing Force

What is the magic behind these two seemingly innocent and playful activities? This article gives some insight into how these work to be able to reach deep into the psyche and make changes.

How Emotions Effect our Health
an interview with USA Weekend

This is an extremely powerful article that can give you much insight into how your emotions play into your life and how to work with them to actually gain the benefits they offer.

An Overview of the Internal Family Systems Model

Basic concepts in understanding an extremely powerful modality/therapeutic tool for finding peace within – bringing harmony to the battling voices and different aspects of ourselves. It is an important core of Dr. Joys Therapeutic Life Counseling.

Modern Life or a Life of Soul—Can They Co-exist?

These are crazy times we live in—people expressing their rage with no constraint, suicide rate among teens has tripled, and we are moving at a faster and faster pace but seemingly going no where, like a dog chasing it’s tail. We have more modern conveniences than we could have ever imagined a few years back, and more quality products available in every category under the sun, but still mental and physical illness is more rampant than ever. What is wrong with this picture?  And what can be right!

Women Claim Your Authority

It Is Time to Speak Up, Step Out, and Do What You Are Here To Do

Woman to Woman

The Power and Gifts of the Feminine

The Virtues of Flexibility and Stretching
an interview with Prevention Magazine Publications


Joy Lynn Freeman, D.C., Ph.D.(cand.), has been a pioneer in the healing arts for over thirty years as a natural physician, speaker-facilitator, therapist, and life transition coach. She has lectured and offered workshops and retreats nationwide and is a frequent guest on radio shows.  Joy is the author of the Book Express Yourself: Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and The Courage To Let It Out, 2 companion music CDs, Let It Shine & Soul Calling, a series of five yoga videos Back-care-cise, and Quantum  Shift – transformational retreats and workshops incorporating expressive arts, ritual & nature.

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