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Joy and Paul’s presentation keynote is both inspiring and entertaining as they integrate singing Joy’s original songs into a talk that is both educational and motivational.  Their presentation does not just get people uplifted for a short period as occurs with many keynotes, it provides very real and practical “How Tos” for creating a happy, healthy vibrant life.  Participants will be validated in what they are already doing and inspired toward taking action on what they want to include on their own path to health and vitality.   Or they can just be entertained by hearing original music sung and played through Joy and Paul.  In addition, the audience will be sent home with handouts and in some cases a free book to support the changes or actions they are motivated to make.

Main Title:

Seven Keys to Creating Vitality and Freedom at Any Age: and Have Fun Doing It!

The Message of the 7 Keys:

These 7 Keys form the essence of a balanced life path that creates a sense of freedom, expressed creativity, joy and aliveness.   The 7 Keys talk gives an inspirational yet practical message about what it takes to be who you truly are, and how to bring that forth in your life.  These keys, if worked with can assist an individual to find more joy and aliveness in their daily lives, the work they already do, or to be able to bring forth their best gifts to the world.   It can also help them to find balance, clarity and direction in the midst of change or life challenges.

Joy uses song to help deliver her message of how to live and work more creatively and joyfully.  In this unique and engaging interplay of performance, participation and lecture you learn how true success is the balance of inner peace and outer expression and how to bring that forth to enliven and empower everything you do.

She shows audiences how to let go of self judgment and let their truth and creative selves out by walking her talk.  She has gone from a person who couldn’t sing and wouldn’t stand before others to speak, to someone who can, and will even sing her own soul revealing songs in front of an audience.  And in doing so she has even acquired great ability.  Her words and songs deeply inspire the audience to find their own souls expression and let it out. Thus making them more effective, successful and joyful in everything else they do.


Possible alternate titles:

7 Keys for Vibrant Health, Passionate Living and Joyful Working
7 Keys to an Authentic, Creative and Soul Inspired Life
Express Your Soul’s Voice:  Finding the Courage to Express Your Unique and Creative Self
Reclaim your Voice, Creative Self and the Courage to Let it Out


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