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Improv Singing

Improvisational Singing for Fun and Vocal Expression

An amazingly fun experience that can open your voice, release creative blocks, and literally transform how you experience singing and even how you move through life.   There is a way for everyone to fit in regardless of one’s singing abilities.

Whether it is an hour integrated into another event, a few hour class or part of a deeper longer workshop, improvisational singing will open your mind, your voice, and your heart.


Do you Love to sing but don’t sing as much as you would like?

Both novice & advanced-would you like to experience singing in a whole new way?

Do you want to expand your personal expression creatively and in life?

Then join us and learn the many fun techniques that encourage expressive, innovative singing and simultaneously opens the 5th (throat) chakra – freeing expression in other areas of life.  Using improvisational structures, vocal/rhythmic games from Bobby McFerrin and jazz singer Rhiannon, we will co-create fun and beautiful music together.  Mixed levels of singers are all welcome.

Call or E-mail to find out how you can set up a singing event in your area.  727-242-1311    Joy(at)singdancedrum(dot)com