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Women Claim Your Authority

It Is Time to Speak Up, Step Out, and
Do What You Are Here To Do

by Dr. Joy Freeman D.C., Ph.D.(cand.)

Women, do you feel you have a mission that goes beyond raising your children or taking care of everyone else? Then it is time for you to claim your authority, express who you are without censure and give your unique gifts to the world.

For many centuries woman have been sold a bill of goods regarding their sexuality, strength and worth.  We have been pitted against each other rather than bonding together, which has been a source of empowerment for woman throughout the ages. In addition unrealistic standards set by the culture make it nearly impossible for women to ever feel completely satisfied with who we are, what we have, or what we do.    We are told it is right to take care of everyone and everything else, leaving little left over for ourselves.   With all this, women have lost their voice and ability to stand up, speak out and show their true colors. We have been willing to accept less than we are worth in relationships, on the job, and in the life in general.   But those days are seriously over.

When women connect with other woman and especially when they are seen, accepted and embraced expressing who they are in creative and meaningful ways, magic happens.  Expression via any creative medium, ie. singing, dancing, writing, art, etc. has a profound effect on the psyche.  It has the power to release stored and blocked emotions, free locked up energy and bring a sense of meaning to our trials and tribulations.

Women have sung, made rhythm, created art, and done rituals together for centuries. All right brain creative acts. Our culture has swung so far over into left brain consciousness, ie. productivity at all cost, materialism, high value in appearance, etc., that we as women have swung into that left place, right along with the rest of the culture.    And with that we have lost our strength, passion and power.

It is absolutely crucial that we start getting back to our feminine roots.  Not in the sense of the feminist movement of the 70s, but in the sense of truly embracing that which is the essential feminine.  I generalize it to say that what ever brings you more into your right brain, or at least out of the left will support this process of embracing the feminine.   That is why engaging in creative acts, regardless of your skill level by worldly standards, is so important.  Also important are allowing yourself to truly have your feelings without judgement, being able to cultivate the fine art of surrender, letting go of control, and letting go of critical judgement of self and others and connecting with nature.  These are all acts of embracing the feminine that not only serve to heal old wounds within oneself and between others, but actually bring one to a state of balance, harmony and strength.  From that state of balance you tap into your reservoir of creativity, self nurturance, and wisdom, which gives you the strength to overcome your fears.  For it is your fears and critical thinking that keep you from expressing your full voice in your personal life and in the world.

Once you allow yourself the ages old experience of bonding with other women such that you are seen and embraced in your pain, as well as your joy;  your weakness as well as your strength; and your less than worldly beauty as well as your magnificence,  a special door within your soul opens that makes it impossible to remain hidden or silenced any more.   Through the creative process and support of other women you can gain the strength to face and overcome your fears, speak your truth, and express your unique gifts.

Joy Lynn Freeman, D.C., Ph.D. (cand.), has been a pioneer in the healing arts for over twenty years as a natural physician, speaker-facilitator, therapist, and life transition coach. She has lectured and offered workshops and retreats nationwide and is a frequent guest on radio shows.  Joy is the author of the Book Express Yourself: Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and The Courage To Let It Out, a companion music CD, Let It Shine, a series of five yoga videos and Women as Leaders and Healers – transformational retreats and workshops incorporating expressive arts, ritual & nature.