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Music and Videos

Let It Shine! CD

With lyrics that touch the heart, move your soul,
and inspire a new way of living, Let It Shine,  contemporary music – smooth jazz, R&B, gospel & world beat – with a positive message.  Vocals are by a number of soulful and powerful singers including Fulton Tashombe and Kelley Covington.  Lyrics are by  Joy Lynn Freeman and support themes that are addressed in the book Express Yourself.
Musical arrangement and composition by Fulton Tashombe


Soul Calling CD

Beautiful Vocal Blending and Harmonies with simple backgrounds, to songs that will lift your spirit, touch your heart and remind you of the peace, wisdom and creativity that resides within.

Song themes go with the book Express Yourself  by Joy Freeman







Home care videos that provide gentle safe exercise to both relieve pain and strengthen and stretch the supporting structures of the spine. These videos consist of the best back care exercises from both orthopedic medicine and yoga. Many of the exercises have been specifically altered and adapted to make them safer and more effective for those suffering conditions of the spine.

Dr. Joy L. Freeman – chiropractor (formerly Nelson) simply and gently teaches you precise movements — to help you achieve the maximum results with the least amount of effort. This home care program is the safest available and it works no matter what your age or level of physical activity.

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